"Her presence, focus and care were perfect"

 "I had the chance to be facilitated by Steph. It was an incredible and huge integration. She provided a safe and warm space where I could dive into my deepest pain. She guided me through one of the most healing Completion Process sessions I have ever had. I feel very grateful that I got the chance to have her on my side. Her presence, focus and care were perfect. I also love her great sense of humour. I highly recommend her from my heart!" 

Catherine Revero, Nov 2018


"Steph provides an accepting and loving space where I feel free to express anything"

"My life has changed since having regular sessions with Steph. I am now living more authentically. Steph helps me to see my true needs and desires, and how I can express and live them. She helps me to become aware of, accept, and express my limitations and boundaries. I now feel more confident and secure about myself and my life view, as I have learnt how to identify and express my truth; something I was previously scared of doing. My life now feels lighter and I feel more at ease.

I am able to get in touch with, and understand the importance of, my feelings and emotions. I am learning how to feel and see my inner truth, and how to listen to and integrate the messages of my emotions. I am not scared anymore to feel because Steph is creating a safe environment for me, where I can express everything. Even if I have uncomfortable emotions and feel shame around something, Steph provides an accepting and loving space where I feel free to express anything.

Since doing the 'Completion Process' with Steph, my healing has improved tremendously. I feel safe in the presence of Steph as she guides me through the process in accessing and leaning into memories and emotions. Steph has a great capacity to feel into me and see things I may be unconscious of, so that I can become aware and integrate them into my life.

When I am leaving her sessions, my whole being feels fulfilled because of the integration work, and I always feel confident about myself and empowered to go towards what I want in life.  

If anyone is struggling with something in life, or just wants to lean into the world of feelings and emotions, Steph is for sure the right person who can help, because she is seeing you for the person you truly are, and she helps you to expand yourself and your potential, to which you can share with the world."

Valentina Zapletal


Oct 2019